Table Reservations

Reservations with Pre-Ordered Meals

Welcome to our unique reservation system where more than just a table awaits you. With our reservation option, you can pre-select and order meals and drinks that will greet you as soon as you step into our bistro. This approach ensures that your experience with us begins without waiting, in perfect rhythm and style.

How does it work?
Select a date and time: First, choose your desired date and time of arrival. Our online calendar will show you available slots.
Pre-order meals and drinks: After selecting a slot, browse our menu and drinks and choose what you want to be waiting for you. Our menu offers a diverse selection of dishes and drinks, prepared with care and expertise.
Confirm the reservation: After selecting your meals and drinks, simply confirm the reservation. We will ensure everything is ready and waiting for you at the table at the chosen time.

Advantages of this type of reservation
No waiting: Your meal will be prepared and served immediately upon arrival, allowing you more time to enjoy the atmosphere of our bistro.
Personalized experience: This option gives you the opportunity to personalize your meal before arrival, ensuring your experience is exactly as you imagined.
Perfect for special occasions: If you are celebrating a special event, pre-ordering meals makes your evening even more special and carefree.

Enjoy the perfect dining experience from the moment you enter our bistro. We look forward to your visit and are ready to provide you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
This applies to all 3 establishments.

Bistro Gušti, Bili brig


Reserve your spot for an unforgettable experience!

Although reservations at Bistro Gušti Bili Brig are not mandatory, they are highly recommended to ensure your table, especially during weekends or special events. With just a few clicks in our app, you can choose your favorite table, determine your arrival time, and even pre-order your favorite dishes that will be waiting for you upon arrival. Experience the perfect harmony of tradition and innovation with a guaranteed place in our Bistro.


Bistro Gušti, Višnjik


Plan your next dinner without waiting!

At Bistro Gušti Višnjik, we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity to reserve a table through our app. Reservation is not necessary, but it allows you to spend your precious time enjoying delicious meals, not waiting for a free table. Additionally, you can order your meal in advance so that you are served immediately upon arrival. Your perfect meal in the cozy ambiance of Bistro Gušti Višnjik awaits you.


Pizzeria Gušti, Relja


Secure your place in the heart of Zadar's pizzeria scene!

Pizzeria Gušti offers you the option to reserve your table before arrival through our intuitive app. Although table reservations are optional, they are desirable to ensure that your experience with us is carefree and pleasant. Take control of your time and choose when and where you want to sit, and we will make sure your favorite pizza is ready as soon as you cross the threshold of our pizzeria.

Reservations via the App

All you need to do is download our app, select the desired establishment, time, and number of guests, and, if you wish, pre-order a meal in advance. Your table and meal will be ready exactly as you imagined, without additional waiting or rushing.
Reserve your spot with us today and enjoy an experience that is truly Gušti.



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