Human Resources

In the pizzeria and bistro Gušti, we believe that every employee is a key component of our success. Every plate we serve, every pizza we bake, every smile we share with our guests - all of this is the result of teamwork and dedication of each individual.

Why choose Gušti?

We work with authentic recipes and techniques, giving you the opportunity to perfect the art of preparing traditional dishes and drinks.

Team spirit
At Gušti, you are not just an employee; you become part of a family where everyone supports each other.

Growth and development
We provide continuous education and training, encouraging you to grow, learn, and advance in your career.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals who understand the art of communication and providing exceptional service. If you have a passion for hospitality and want to be part of a team that sets standards, this is the place for you.

Pizza masters
If you are passionate about the tradition of pizzaiolo and want to create pizzas that delight every time, join us and become part of our pizza family.

We are looking for creatives who will bring flavors to the table for our guests with love and passion. If you want to work with the freshest ingredients and create unforgettable meals, we are waiting for you.

Delivery drivers
Speed, reliability, and commitment are key characteristics we are looking for. If you want to be the face of Gušti that delivers delicious meals directly to our guests' doors, become our ambassador on the roads.

At the pizzeria and bistro Gušti, we value diversity, innovation, and commitment. If you see yourself in this and want to be part of our team that creates gastronomic wonders every day, we invite you to join our family.

Let your passion become our mission.
Welcome to Gušti!


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