About us

Welcome to the world of Gušti - where gastronomy turns into art, and every meal becomes a memorable story. Our story is told through three unique catering establishments in the heart of Zadar: Bistro Gušti Bili Brig, Bistro Gušti Višnjik, and Pizzeria Gušti. Each of these spaces carries a piece of our passion, tradition, and innovative spirit.

History and Development

We started our gastronomic adventure in 2003 with the opening of our first pizzeria, Gušti Bili Brig, at Hrvatskog sabora 57. Driven by a love for traditional pizza, we gradually expanded our vision, up until 2023, when after renovation, we embraced the art of Neapolitan pizza with our authentic touch. Our dough, which ferments for 72 hours, is the foundation of the irresistible flavor that perfectly blends with local ingredients, turning it into a true gastronomic experience.

Innovation and Tradition

Over time, we channeled our passion into expanding the Gušti brand, opening Bistro Gušti Višnjik at Andrije Hebranga 6, where traditional dishes blend with modern creations. Here, our philosophy of innovation and respect for tradition is best reflected in dishes such as imaginative pizzas, delicious grilled dishes, and homemade desserts, prepared with love and care that satisfies every palate.

Authenticity and Quality

Our third gem, Pizzeria Gušti, is located in the vibrant city center, offering guests not only legendary pizza but also a rich selection of pasta, fresh salads, and sandwiches, all within an unforgettable experience that exudes Zadar's tradition and unquestionable quality. Here, every guest becomes part of our story that is as rich as our menu.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a destination for all lovers of excellent food, where traditional flavors and modern culinary skills meet in perfect harmony. We aspire to be recognized as a culinary symbol of Zadar, where each meal celebrates the rich culture of our city.

We are committed to providing an exceptional gastronomic experience, using only the finest ingredients, prepared in accordance with the highest standards. Our HACCP certified process guarantees that every product that comes out of our kitchen is safe and healthy, while our commitment to excellence ensures that every bite leaves a lasting impression. Let our passion for food take you on a journey that will satisfy your senses and create memories that will last forever. Welcome to Gušti, where a love for food and culture comes together in every dish we serve.


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